“The AFL has enjoyed a very close working relationship with Kerrie Hayes since 1986 when she co-produced the first major Grand Final half-time entertainment program undertaken by the AFL. Since that time Kerrie has produced entertainment at many of our major events, including all Grand Finals. During this time Kerrie’s professionalism, attention to detail and ability to deliver in pressure situations have been trademark qualities”.

Ross Oakley, Former Chief Executive Officer, AFL

“I was very impressed with Kerrie’s ability to motivate and move large numbers of teenagers in choreographed routines. This is a rare skill, as any parent of a teenager knows. Kerrie’s ability went well beyond her physical education background, so it didn’t surprise me when she started organizing the Rock Eisteddford competition. Her skills and style have revolutionized what began as charmingly-staged video clips. The sophistication of subject matter, art direction and performance by each school has become truly extraordinary – and I believe that is largely due to Kerrie’s influence”.

Ric Birch, Director of Ceremonies, Sydney 2000 Olympics